Sunday, February 19, 2006

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


At one such booth, the Portuguese artist Carla Cruz sits on a stool, wearing a T-shirt with a hand-lettered slogan that reads, "I am an artist. What can I do for you?" Cruz, who is clearly concerned with art’s social function in a very concrete way, has been doing such public actions for a decade. On the wall behind her -- in the booth of Plumba Contemporary Art, opened a year ago by Nuno Pereira to work with young artists -- is a blue North African tapestry, slightly altered so that the words "European Dream" are legible in block letters. The work is a reference to African people in Morocco who seek to enter Europe -- the two continents are only 17 kilometers apart, Cruz says -- an aspiration that Portugal should identify with, since in the ‘70s one-third of the country’s population fled the poverty of the Salazar regime. por:
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